Top of the Line Custom Surfboards

Surf in Style With the Strongest & Most Stunning Surfboards

Imua Surfboards has been providing Hawaii with beautiful and reliable custom surfboards and services since 1991. Imua, or the Hawaiian verb meaning to move forward, was used as a motivational command by outrigger canoe paddlers that meant “charge!” Because this word seemed to fit the mission of founder Dave Implom, Imua Surfboards was established to offer Kauai and the surrounding islands handcrafted, high-performance quality surfboards. With over 34 years of experience, Dave Implom is an expert artisan when it comes to custom surfboards and fiberglassing services. Each and every board that leaves our shop is perfect down to the last detail, so you can surf in style with the strongest and most stunning surfboards in Hawaii!

Traditional Art & Culture of Surfboard Shaping

With the rise of cloned boards built by big box stores, the artisans at Imua know what it takes to fit each board to the surfer. By handcrafting each custom surfboard, we are able to connect with our clients on a personal level, to inspire and motivate them to move forward both in the water and in life. Ultimately, Imua Surfboards strives to preserve, perfect, and perpetuate that traditional art and culture of surfboard shaping. Therefore, each and every one of our shapers and designers are masters of their craft, with distinctive styles and preferences that are showcased in their excellent work. Our surfboards are not only guaranteed to withstand moving through water at the highest speeds, but are excellently crafted to enhance the beauty and performance of the board.
Imua Surfboards creates custom surfboards in Lihue, HI

Expert Craftsmanship Ensures the Most Authentic Custom Boards

Growing up in Maui as the son of a boat builder, Dave Implom learned a great deal about fiberglass and glassing with various materials at a very young age. Because there is no school or program of study dedicated to the manufacturing and shaping of surfboards, experience is the only effective way to learn. Influenced by some of the top guys in the business, Dave had the chance to perfect and refine his craft over the years. His and his fellow shapers and designers’ expert craftsmanship ensures the most authentic custom Surfboards, so contact us for yours today!