High Quality Custom Fiberglassing & Surfboard Finishes

Imua Surfboards provides custom surfboards painting and finishes in Lihue, HI

Attention to Detail & Dedication to Quality for Every Surfboard

For single fin, old style, classic retro, modern longboards, or high performance short boards, Imua Surfboards fiberglass and glassing services is the ideal choice for anyone looking for quality and reliability. We have been handcrafting every type of surfboard for Kauai surfers since 1991, and we take tremendous pride in being an honest, old-fashioned custom surfboard provider. We are just a group of experienced surfers getting dusty everyday, buliding the best surfboards for anyone looking to ride our local breaks. The high quality standard we maintain ensures the stability, dependability, and remarkable beauty of every surfboard we create or glass. Our attention to detail and our relentless dedication to quality ensures our customers’ satisfaction every time.

Hassle-Free Experience from Start to Finish

Imua Surfboards is stoked to offer personalized fiberglassing of your custom shaped blank, along with many other products and services for your convenience. The Kauai guild of expert builders, designers, and manufacturers can do it all and have their own brands and clientele because they know exactly what their customers want. Simply choose a shaper to build your board to your specifications and arrangements will be made to have your board delivered directly to the Imua Factory and we do the rest! Our person-to-person approach and attention to detail allows for hassle free experience from start to finish.

Unique, Custom Surfboards Down to Every Specification

Please DOWNLOAD and print our Order Form to place your order by regular mail. You are able to customize your surfboard through dimensions, finish (standard, gloss polish, S cloth, warp cloth, or carbon fiber), type of glass (4 oz. or 6 oz.), and more! Once we have received your information, we can give you a more accurate cost estimate, turnaround time, and answer any questions you may have regarding your unique, custom board. You will receive an automatic confirmation of the order of your new surfboard. All Custom Boards will require a deposit at the time of your order unless you use our secure credit card system.
Imua Surfboards provides quality surfboard fiberglassing in Lihue, HI Imua Surfboards can give your surfboard a custom finish in Lihue, HI

Details of Quality Surfboard Fiberglassing

We delight in helping you customize your new surfboard to your exact personal specifications. There are many variables and details that go into the workmanship of surfboard glassing, so please read the guidelines carefully. The baseline price for a standard glass job varies between $205 and $395, depending on a variety of factors. Inlay prices vary according to fabric, size, and detail. Here is a standard, but not complete, list of basic glassing details you can add to enhance your custom surfboard, paddleboard, or alaia:
> Customized logos for companies (All artwork must be submitted in final size at a minimum of 300 dpi. Jpeg, PDF, Corel, Photoshop, and Illustrator files accepted, but all colors require specific Pantone reference numbers)
> Color laminations (Tints, Pigments, Inlays)
> Custom Airbrushes – $35+
> Standard resin tint laminations, opaque or tint, per side – $30
> Abstract resin tint laminations, from 2-6 colors, per side – $40
> Pinlines – $25
> Tail blocks and nose blocks (Wood or Glass) – $50
> Fabric inlays (Cloth or Digital Imagery printed on rice paper, etc.) – $25+ (Inlay prices vary according to fabric size and detail) *(Please allow at least 3 weeks for digital inlay orders)
>Fin sets and optional installations: Quad sets or other combo sets Thruster/tri sets Longboard 2×1 “side bite” sets EPS/Epoxy composite construction available (ask for quote)

Glass Costs per Size Breakdown

Standard Price for 1 Layer Bottom & 2 Layer Top
Sanded Glass
Glossed & Polished
Under 6’0″
6’1″ to 6’6″
6’7″ to 7’0″
7’1″ to 7’6″
7’7″ to 8’0″
8’1″ to 8’6″
8’7″ to 9’0″
9’1″ to 9’6″
9’7″ to 10’0″
10’1″ to 11’0″
11’1″ to 11’6″
11’7″ to 12’0″
*Prices Subject to Change.